Thursday, May 19, 2011

End of the Season Sorrows

Hi everyone! We both simply cannot believe that another season has come and gone. For Jenna, it feels as if she is beginning her first season as a Haydenette, not starting her sixth! Where has the time gone?

The Haydenettes busy schedule becomes rather scarce in April and May. Upon returnig from Worlds we get a small break before the end of the season preparation begins. That small break has never stopped us from seeing each other! Whether it be on a freestyle session at Hayden, hanging around in Boston, or even just grabbing a quick meal, we simply can not get enough of each other.

The Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams held their annual banquet on May 1st this year. This is always such a special event where all the Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams gather together to have a meal and celebrate the season. We get to be with the entire HSST club, including coaches, skaters, parents, and beloved honorary members. At the banquet we were able to watch our skates from Worlds, which we hadn't seen yet. It was great to watch the skates with our other teams; it was a bit of deja vu. Each team presented gifts to their coaches and managers, and the senior plaques were awarded as well as the coaches awards. It was finally time to separate into our own team huddles and give out superlatives! This is a small tradition that has been with the Haydenettes for quite some time. The superlatives always bring back bittersweet memories from the season. As the banquet was wrapping up, there were plenty of hugs and tears to go around, but with a great season behind us we still had one more
opportunity to skate our seasons programs.

Hayden Recreation Center holds an annual end of the year ice show called Ice Time. All the Hayden teams participate, and practices begin two weeks before the show. The Haydenettes are always reluctant heading into these practices as they are bittersweet, and we always fear our lack of stamina from our small break after worlds. There is no way to stay in shape for synchro besides skating together with your team! It is always fun to get back on the ice with no pressure, and skate the programs again. With the two Wednesday practices behind us, it was
already show time! We had plenty of fun skating our programs for the last time, and it felt good to be back on the ice with such a great group of young ladies.
Erika Hoffman reminded our team before the seasons end one of our team quotes:

"Love the sport for the pure joy of accomplishment. Love the sport for everything it can teach you about yourself. Love the sport for the feeling of belonging to a group endeavoring to do its best. Love the sport for being involved in a team whose members can't wait to see you do your best. Love the sport for the challenge of working harder than you ever have at something and then harder than that. Love the sport because it takes all team members to give it life. Love the sport because at its best, its tradition will include your contributions. Love the sport because you belong to a long line of fine athletes who have loved it. It is now your legacy. Love the sport so much that you will pass on your love to other athletes who have seen your dedication, your work, your challenges, your triumphs... and then those athletes will, because of you, love the sport. "

To the past and future synchronized skaters, keep this quote alive and always remember the person skating has made you into.

On behalf of the Haydenettes, we would like to thank each and every person who has had faith in us and who has helped us accomplish our goals. We honestly could not have reached our highest potential without the support from our families, friends, fans, and especially U.S. Figure Skating. Thank you all very much for a great and unforgettable season!!

With love,
Jenna and Noelle

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