Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not your typical summer

As I sit here with a large cup of coffee (slurp), listen to my 90s music playlist (coveted by many), and ponder life in the most cliché way possible (we all do it…), the most prominent thought on my mind is one week. One week stands before me and the beginning of my senior year. My last year of college in addition to my final year of skating at Miami. Everyone tells you that the real world sneaks up on you but you definitely don’t believe it until it’s staring you straight in the eye. (Wait, there’s a world beyond skating?!) I know, I didn’t think it was true, but, yes there’s a whole world out there beyond our lives in the rink and I got a BIG taste of it this summer.

The daily grind... literally
Blood, sweat, and tears. Ok maybe not blood, we can swap nouns and replace that with espresso. Espresso, sweat, and tears. That almost sums up my summer. Sounds rough, huh? It was… but let me tell you why my first step into the “real world” was so worth it.

 I did an internship with a national marketing and advertising firm, but my job as an account executive was in sales, working directly with business owners of both small businesses and large corporations with the goal of getting them to buy advertising with our company. If you can picture yourself going into 30+ businesses per day and talking with owners while essentially living out of a car with a 15 min interval day planner as your lifeline and taking calls from your boss once an hour at minimum, then you can get a pretty good glimpse of my typical day. It was excruciatingly difficult. I got rejected. A LOT. No matter how much I thought I was going to get up and just kill it, sales is RUTHLESS. In the first couple weeks of the internship, I was laser focused on making profits and was extremely hard on myself when I didn’t have a good day of sales. (I would later learn that generally you would get rejected 20 times before you hear one “yes”.) But the feeling I had when I did hear that “yes” was like no other. 

The rink I skated at while working in Louisville, KY... such great people!
This was easily comparable to skating for me… you may have to go through multiple competitions, maybe even multiple seasons with your team before you are on top. But, when you finally get there, success tastes so much sweeter because of the fact you stuck with it and persevered even during those hard times when you may have wanted to quit.

It wasn’t until a few weeks in that I realized the real reason I was there and what I was really learning in this internship. I wasn’t learning how to be a good salesperson or how to cut deals and rack in profits. In retrospect, this summer was actually not about sales AT ALL. I was actually learning and building upon some of the most simplest yet most important life lessons that are the ones vital to success.

Fun side trip to Nashville, TN with Miami friends
Empathy: The ability to put your self in someone else’s shoes and genuinely understand where they are coming from and why they think and feel the way they do. This is something most of us have heard since we were young but I was able to see this summer more than ever how important it actually is, especially in the business world. As one would imagine, in talking to roughly 30 business owners a day, I saw and heard it all. The minute I stopped my sales pitch and started expressing an interest in the business owners and listening to their stories, the minute my sales went through the roof. This was no coincidence. They began to trust me and could see that I wasn’t there to just push a product on them; it wasn’t about me making a sale. I was there to help them and their business and I could only do so by taking an interest in them as people, not as potential revenue generators for myself. I built relationships with these business owners and grew to understand their stories… and they were all unique.

Beyonce concert with Sarah and Lauren in Chicago
Empathy is something that will not only make you successful in the workforce, but in all facets of life, and definitely in skating. When considering leadership, only when you can have empathy and truly make an effort to listen and understand why someone is the way they are and think the way they do can you expect to be an effective leader and make a positive difference. As members of a team, this is something that can benefit everyone whether you’re in a leadership position or not. By genuinely trying to understand each one of our teammates (and coaches) regardless of if we agree with their points of view or style of learning/coaching, we would all be more successful in working together to achieve a goal because of this common bond that is created through empathy.

My roommate Vanessa and I across the Ohio River overlooking Cincinnati

So, in the end, this summer didn’t make me dread the real world, as grueling as my internship was. It made me excited for what is to come because I saw firsthand how much I could accomplish with dedication and work and also how much there is to LEARN. I know now that I can be successful in whatever path I choose after graduation. There is so much opportunity out there for those who are willing to work for it. So yes, life may get more difficult after college, but it certainly doesn’t END. 

For right now though, I have never been more excited to return to a place in my life. Red brick buildings and streets, wonderful friends, my favorite bagel shop… Oxford is a dreamland. Here’s to the final hoorah at the most beautiful campus there ever was. I’ll see you all in the rink as Miami gets back to the grind for the upcoming season. Love and Honor.

Over and out,

(Now playing: Miami by Will Smith) 

Celebrating the end of a successful summer with a joy ride on the Zamboni :) 

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tribute to Sylvia Muccio

This time last week, I had just finished a great day with some very spirited young synchronized skaters, working as a counselor at the Miami Synchronized Skating Camp, when I received the news that Sylvia Muccio had passed away. Initially, I was completely devastated to hear that my very first synchro coach had lost her battle with breast cancer. Once my initial shock had been overcome, I was reminded of how much she had given me throughout my synchronized skating career.
Team Image Juvenile 2001-2002

The synchronized skating world lost a truly dedicated and passionate coach last week. Sylvia Muccio gave her heart and soul to the skating community and touched the lives of countless people within it.

I wish that I could have thanked Sylvia for all that she did for me in my first two seasons of competitive synchronized skating. She pushed me to be the best skater that I could be and saw my potential from the very start. Placing me on her juvenile team at 8 years old, when most people (including myself) didn't think I was ready to move up, was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me. Without the challenges she presented me with, I know that I would not be where I am today. Because of the foundation she gave me, I was able to help my team win a Junior National Championship, compete in two Junior World Challenge Cups, fulfill my dream of competing for Miami University, and compete in my first Senior World Championship this year with her in the stands cheering on the USA.

Team Image Juvenile "Angels"
Although I didn't realize it then, Sylvia gave me more, both on and off the ice, than I could ever truly thank her for. Despite the practices in freezing cold rinks, with screaming frustration that we weren’t doing it just right, I know that it was all out of her extreme love for the sport and her efforts to make us the best skaters and people that we could be. I hope that someday, I too am able to so greatly impact the lives of young skaters and help them make their dreams come true, the way that Sylvia did for me!

I find it only fitting that the 2001-2002 juvenile program that I skated for Sylvia was "Angel" themed. Now, the world of Synchronized Skating has another wonderful angel watching over it!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Why do we do this?

Summer breeds contemplation, my friends. Tighten those laces and put your gloves on.

I took some time off the ice this summer. I didn't touch ice for the entire month of June; no regrets. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I needed some time away from the world of skating.  I started back up in July preparing myself for DREAM camps, training festival and my official season  in August. During that time off, and as I prepared for training festival, I contemplated my time spent as a skater, my role as a Team USA athlete and my identity as a DREAM Team member.

I won't lie to you, often it all seems pretty trivial. On the radio yesterday I heard about dozens of people in the Middle East who lost their lives for daring to attend funerals. I couldn't get myself out of bed two hours early to go to the rink do something I purportedly love? And has it ever occurred to you what you could get done with the person-hours and money you have spent over the years on skating? Shoot. But the reality is that if I didn't skate, I likely would have spent much of that time on my second favorite sport, competitive sleeping. This train of thought leaves me a little melancholy.

These thoughts and arguments are often directed at the time and resources we put into professional sports and pricey art. When in a certain state of mind, they sound valid, like they did to me yesterday morning. To a certain degree they are valid. Are we as a society decadent? Yes. Is that a reason to quit dancing and skating? I'm not convinced and here's why:
Summer trip to Washington D.C.
I am a proud Team USA athlete. I love to represent my country, but there are a multitude of ways to do that, many arguably more useful than on a synchronized skating team. However, this is what I choose to do. I am able to proudly demonstrate my love of country through skating,  because I am able represent myself through skating. When I do it under the name of my team and my country instead of my own, it means that much more. Talking to my teammates and DREAMmates I realize that most of us feel this, though we recognize and express it differently.

In my last few years studying dance at an undergraduate level, an important lesson that I've learned is that “all people are dancers and everyone dances more than one dance”. Skating is an easy incarnation of this principle. Art, sports, you name it, these things are not a waste of our time, but instead define our time. Pushing ourselves in these undertakings are expressions of our human spirit. They test our will and challenge our capacity for greatness. So, do we get a little petty at skating, are our problems rather trivial? Sure. But that by no means makes skating unimportant or wasteful.  Skating is one of the many dances I will dance in my life and I'm lucky to have it.  

I took a little break this summer and I'm excited to join back up with my team in Los Angeles for my final year as a Team USA competitor and a member of California Gold senior. I won't lose sight of the problems of the world, they keep my life in perspective. But nor will I lose sight of why I take a break from my second favorite sport of sleeping for my first favorite sport of skating in the early hours of the morning. I have to dance my dance. 


Goofing off with DREAMmates in Minnesota

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summertime Fine

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe it is already August. It seems like this summer has just flown by, but I can honestly say I am extremely excited to head back to school and begin my second year at Miami University (what?!). Along with that, I am even more eager to get back into training with my teammates in just a few short weeks!

Avalon Bay
This summer I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with my family, which is something I am very thankful for. At the beginning of the summer my entire family and I took a vacation to Santa Catalina Island; a small island located off the coast of Southern California. We rented a condo in the small city of Avalon, where everyone uses golf carts for transportation and you can swim with fish in the ocean one day and go up to the mountains to see wild bison the next. It seems as though my family is always running around in different directions most days; so it was great to have this short break where we could all relax and spend some quality time together.
My sister and I on the Catalina Express

Though time on the beach is nice; a great deal of my summer has been spent, as always, in an ice rink. I went back to my previous job working at my local rink; which is also where I carry out most of my summer training as well. This year our rink hosted the ISI World Team Championships (which invited over 2,000 skaters into our rink!) and is currently holding the Glacier Falls Summer Classic; a competition held each summer for skaters from Surfer (no tests) through Senior Men and Ladies. It was great to see so many different types of skaters in all of these events; each of them expressing their love for the sport in their own way. I also got to spend some time with Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club Junior Board; a group that I was involved with for several years and was previously the president of. It was really awesome to see the girls running their booth at the competition and continuing to stay involved with their club throughout the years.

From Left: Sharon, Holly, Lauren, Sarah, Ashleigh, and myself
Another great thing about being a DREAMer in the summertime is being able to participate in the US Figure Skating Synchronized Skating DREAM Camps and Training Festival. This year I was invited to the Midwest DREAM Camp in Vernon Hills, IL. I was able work with a great group of young skaters, alongside my fellow DREAMmates Ashleigh Ostin and Sharon Neff, as well as DREAM alumni Lauren Bracken and Sarah Arnold. Leading the camp were Team USA coaches Jill Cipresso, Lisa Darken, Holly Malewski, and Heather Paige.

Zumba class at Training Festival
Two weeks after the Midwest DREAM camp, all ten DREAM team members and coaches from all over the country gathered in Prior Lake, MN for the National Coaches College and Synchronized Skating Training Festival. This was my second time attending the Training Festival as a DREAM team member, and it was great to meet all of the new DREAMers when we arrived and so much fun to bond with them over the weekend. Training Festival is a great experience because it gives us the chance to work one-on-one with young athletes, as well as assist some of the greatest coaches in the country, all while sharing our love for the sport that brings us all together. I really enjoy being able to interact with younger skaters; seeing their love and enthusiasm for the sport and I hope that working with the DREAM team athletes only inspires them for their skating in years to come. The DREAM Camps and Training Festival were definitely a success this year and I hope that everyone who participated in them had as much fun as I did!

Training Festival 2013
Following the Training Festival, I was able to spend a few days in Minneapolis with one of my close friends who lives in the city. We spent most of our free time strolling around Uptown Minneapolis; which is a fantastic area filled with lots of cool little shops and many interesting people. On my last day there, I was unfortunately unable to get a ride from my friend to the airport. So because of it's close proximity to the Minneapolis–Saint Paul Airport; I spent a few hours on my own at the Mall of America and then took a short taxi ride to my terminal. Needless to say my wallet did not stand a chance… J
DREAM Team 2013
Anyways, I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you are all getting excited for the 2013-2014 competitive season!

Love & Honor,


Photo Credit: Sarah Arnold Photography (

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Summer Time

Hello Everybody!

 This summer has been an absolute blast but it is hard to believe that it is actually almost over and school will be quickly starting up again. Since the end of last season, I have been pretty occupied with school and coaching. However, a few of us did get the opportunity to come to Worlds and watch the competition. It was nice to cheer on Team USA, attend the world team alumni party, and participate in the DREAM activities, such as the autograph table. I have now attended Worlds in the United States as an athlete in 2010 and a spectator in 2013.  I must say that attending as a competitor was an amazing and much preferred.  When the Crystallettes qualified for the 2010 World Championships in Colorado, the atmosphere was electric. It is a feeling that you honestly will cherish forever and even though I did not get to experience it as a skater this year, it was still heartwarming to see the amount of support that Team USA and the sport of synchronized skating received.

This summer has been one of the most exciting summers that I have had in years! After finishing up my spring classes, I lived at the rink coaching my students and teams as well as practicing on my own. I attended the Hoedown in Detroit in June with a few of my teammates and that was an absolute blast! The Crystallettes also had their annual skating banquet where we recognized all of the teams for their accomplishments and, if a teammate is not returning, wish each other well on the next endeavor. We may not have received the outcome that we wanted last year but nothing can break the bond we made with one another, we will always be sisters. I have also got to go on many wonderful and incredibly relaxing vacations. I have gone up north to my cottage with my family, and traveled to Orlando, Florida for 5 days. I had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and it was awesome! The rides were incredible; my favorite by far is the new Harry Potter simulator ride. I also purchased all sorts of minion accessories.   I went “minion crazy” buying slippers, a stuffed minion, coffee cup, ring tones and key chain. They were so cute; I couldn’t resist.  In August, my parents are taking me to Las Vegas in for my birthday!

However, my summer has not been all play. In the month of April, tryouts were held and this season I am skating on the Crystallettes Senior and Adult team as well as continuing to coach the Crystallettes Intermediate and Preliminary team. Practices have been going on all summer and I am very excited for the upcoming year. The girls on the team are hard workers and we mesh well together.  We are all eager for the competition season to begin! Besides the hours of practice, the senior team has made time for team bonding! As a team this summer, we have gone out to team dinners and even attended a Detroit Tiger’s game together.

I have a DREAM camp coming up this weekend in Delaware and then the coach’s college and training festival next week. I am very excited to work with the skaters attending the camp and eager to learn from the coaches attending. I find the coaches college very beneficial as a coach and skater. I attended the coach’s college a couple years ago and learned a lot. With the rules continually changing, I am very thankful to go as a “DREAMer” to learn about the clarifications to the rules for this season. Meeting all of the skaters is always an adventure because they all come from different places with various backgrounds and it is intriguing to hear their stories. I am looking forward to all of the activities that the upcoming DREAM camp and Synchro festival have in store for me and I will cherish every moment.

Katilyn :) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer DREAMing

Hey Everyone,

I cannot believe that this summer is already more than halfway over! Without school to occupy half of our time over the summer, one would imagine that the life of a varsity student athlete would become a lot less hectic. However, I found that I easily fill the void of academic classes with a million other things to keep me very busy, and to help me prepare for the upcoming skating season. My summer kicked off by watching some of my best friends and teammates graduate from Miami University and end their Miami Skating careers. This was very bittersweet for us all, but I know that they will be around to cheer us on in the upcoming seasons and forever a part of the Miami Skating Family.

Upon leaving school, I took a quick trip out to Seattle, WA to visit family and relax after an amazing and action packed semester full of travel and competition. Don’t be fooled though, I couldn’t quite make it the full week without touching the ice. While in Seattle I was able to take my cousins skating and share my love of the sport with them, making for a very fun-filled evening.

For the past 2 months, I have been spending my time at home in Connecticut with my family, staying very busy working, skating, and working out. I have been scooping gelato, babysitting, and coaching skating in addition to preparing for Miami tryouts at the end of August. I was also lucky enough to be able to watch my younger sister graduate from high school and share in this special time with her. My mom and I teamed up to help each other accomplish the goals that we had set; hers to run her first 5K and mine to increase my endurance and strengthen my cardio routine. Without my teammates to push me further while I am home, my mom was the perfect person to step into this role.

Just after celebrating my favorite holiday, the 4th of July, I headed up to Massachusetts for the day to help out with the first DREAM Camp of the summer, in Marlborough. I had a blast spending time with my fellow DREAMmates Dana, Ashley Tomich, and Sennett, as well as Team USA coaches Carla DeGirolamo, Saga Krantz, Pam May, and Geri Lynch-Tomich. We were given the opportunity to work with a great group of young skaters and help to inspire them for the
upcoming season. I also had the chance to talk to a group of parents and express my passion for the sport, how important it has been in my life, and the journey that I took to get to where I am today.

As I write this blog, I am packing my bags once again to head back out to Oxford, OH for the next month to be a counselor at the Miami Summer Skating Camps. These camps taught me so much as a young skater, while introducing me to countless new friends within the sport who would later become my current teammates. I absolutely love giving back to this program, summer after summer, and helping the campers to get as much out of the camp as I did, showing them, that they too can make their dreams come true if they continue to work hard and believe in themselves. Finally, I will be taking a short break from Ohio in the middle of the camps to travel to Minnesota for the US Figure Skating Synchronized Skating Training Festival and Coaches College, to share my love of synchronized skating and passion to continue learning from others with a whole new group of talented skaters, coaches, and parents. I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer as much as I am!

Love & Honor,
Ashley Mulhern

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meet Sharon Neff

Hello, everyone! My name is Sharon Neff and this is my first year as a member of the U.S. Figure Skating DREAM Program.  I am so excited for all of the summer fun and skating to come!  Originally, I am from China, but when I was about one year old, I was adopted and brought to live in Birmingham, Michigan; I have lived here ever since.  I also have two brothers.  Both adopted from Vietnam, John (16) and Jimmy (14) joined our family when I was 4.
Now, 14 years later, I have completed my freshman year at the University of Detroit Mercy looking to major in special education elementary teaching.  
At about the same time my brothers came to the U.S., I became very intrigued with skating. A competition on TV caught my attention and my eyes were glued to the screen; I could not wait to try it myself.  Now, as time seemingly flies by, I will be starting my fourteenth year of skating with 11 years of synchronized skating under my belt. This past synchro season marked my sixth year skating for the Crystallettes and my fourth year in the senior division. Before I came to Crystallettes, I skated as a member of Team Élan for five years. I, however, am not the only member of my family to have taken up an interest in skating.  My brother, John, is an ice dancer who currently skates with his partner at the Detroit Skate Club and competes at the intermediate level.  

The 2013-2014 Senior Crystallettes
Outside of skating, you can find me catching up on schoolwork, coaching my little ones, spending time with my family, or hanging out with friends.  From watching movies with my family, like Lord of the Rings and 27 Dresses, to going to the mall with friends, I love to make the most of what little time I have with all of them.  I also try to keep in shape by working out everyday and maintaining a good lifestyle.  In addition to these things, I absolutely love to travel both nationally and internationally, whether or not it is for skating.  In fact, it is one of my goals to visit every state in the US (at least once) and travel all over Europe and Asia in my lifetime.  

Just recently, I was afforded the incredible opportunity to attend and help out at a skating camp with a team in Sugarland, Texas with three of my DREAMmates and one alumna.  The camp, hosted by the Unity Figure Skating Club, was a great weekend filled with so many eager and gifted young kids; they truly have bright skating futures ahead of them. We worked on turns, edges, footwork, choreography, and we even got to break out of our shells with some fun presentation and improvisation activities followed by some off-ice conditioning.  It was a great start to a new season.   With the summer just beginning, I look forward to all of the other amazing opportunities I will have to meet new people, make new friends, and spread the love for our sport with my DREAMmates.  I hope you are all having a happy summer!! 
DREAMmates Lindsay, Dana, Ashley, Tessa, and I in Sugarland, TX


Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet Lindsay Grajek

Hello out there!  As one of the newest Dream Team members I would like to take this chance to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay Grajek and I am currently living in-between Massachusetts and Michigan. I grew up in the small town of Howell, Michigan, where at the age of 5 I started skating for my local synchronized skating team at Grand Oaks Ice Arena.  I then went on to skate for the Hockettes out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where my younger sister Christine actually still skates.  At the end of my junior year of high school I decided to take a large leap, trying out for the Haydenettes. It was an absolute dream come true to receive the news that I had made the team, but immediately after the reality of that dream became very clear. If I wanted to be a member of the team I would have to move out to the Boston area and attend a new high school for much of my senior year. It was extremely hard for me to leave the home I had always known and my friends that had been there for me my entire life, but it was well worth it.
During the year I live and train in Massachusetts.  I go to a small school in the Western part of the state called Fitchburg State University. I am a part time student studying biology, in hopes of later going into Veterinary medicine. With the remainder of my time outside of classes and skating, I work at the recreation center at my school. It was originally planned that I would spend one year after graduation in Massachusetts and then transfer back to Michigan to be a full time student. Well, as I go into my third year at Fitchburg and my fourth season with the Haydenettes, I can say that plan didn’t exactly pan out, and thank goodness for that!
So far this summer I have driven the 12 hour haul from Massachusetts to Michigan about 3 times round trip with my teammate, Courtney Cameron, who also lives in Michigan. Recently we took the time during our drive to make a quick stop at Niagara Falls in Canada. When the team has practice during the summer I spend my mornings working as a lifeguard at my school’s recreation center and then drive over to the rink for the rest of the evening.  I also took part in my first worksop as a DREAMer this summer. The camp was hosted by the Unity figure skating club in Sugarland, Texas and it was an amazing experience. There were so many young, talented and hardworking skaters that really helped remind me what our sport is all about.
Courtney Cameron and I at Niagara Falls in Canada
Rylee and I in Sugarland, Texas
When I have time at home I can be found one of two places, at the rink or on the water.  Living in Michigan it is easy to find open ice at just about any point of the day. Many times on nice days I am the only one at the rink. There is nothing better than having an open sheet of ice and the ability to play whatever music I choose. My other love is for the water.  I live on Lake Chemung back in Howell and I love just about any activity that can be done on it; skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, or just swimming. I guess that would include skating as well in the winter! (Frozen water).

I hope that everyone has a great summer!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Meet Dana Manson!

Hi everyone! My name is Dana Manson and I am from Denville, NJ. I am a senior at Morris Knolls High School and am currently counting down my last few days until graduation. I feel that my high school years have flown by and it is hard to believe that it is already time for college! Not only will I be transitioning from high school to college, but also moving to a new team. For the past three seasons I have been a proud member of Skyliners Junior and although moving on is tough, I am incredibly excited to be spending my tenth year of synchro with Miami University in August! I love everything about the school and I am confident that I will be able to use the skills and values I have gained from my previous teams to make me successful in my transition to college. I look forward to all that lies ahead and cannot wait for all the amazing experiences I will have in the years to come!     
Even though my synchro season has ended, I've been busy finishing up my last few weeks of senior year, skating at the rink, working out at the gym and helping out other skaters! When I’m not doing synchro, I enjoy helping out our basic skills skaters at my home rink. In April I helped out basic skills classes at Mennen Arena’s Learn to Skate program and have enjoyed doing that since my freshman year in high school. 

This past weekend, I got the chance to meet some more young skaters and headed down to Houston with my DREAMmates, Lindsay, Ashley T, and Sharon as well as former Dream member, Tessa, to coach at a workshop for the UNITY Synchronized Skating Teams. We flew down to Texas on Saturday afternoon and coached the workshop on Sunday. During our trip on Saturday we enjoyed the Texas culture by having some delicious “Tex Mex”(Texas’ Mexican Food) at “Lupe Tortilla”  where we discussed plans for the workshop with the coach. We had a little fun and pretended it was Lindsay and Tessa’s birthdays so we could wear sombreros and have the waiters sing to us. I have to say, the sombreros were pretty stylish! On Sunday we all had lots of fun teaching skills and drills, off ice conditioning, transitions, no hold blocks, musical interpretation, judging and off ice dancing to the skaters at the workshop. What a full day! It was such a great time for all of us and we got to meet so many awesome, dedicated skaters. We cannot thank the Unity Synchronized Skating teams enough for such a wonderful experience and wish them the best of luck in their upcoming season.

DREAMers Lindsay, Ashley, Sharon and I at the UNITY Worskhop

As for the rest of my summer, I will be beating the heat at the rink. I will be training hard all summer for Miami’s tryouts and will spend some time on campus at Miami elite camp before I move in August which will be fun! I also look forward to spending time with my family before heading to college. My twin brother, Alec and I will both be packing for school and going our separate ways in August. Alec will go to Northeastern University and I’m off to Miami which is very exciting for both of us. I always enjoy our family trip to Long Beach Island every summer and love reading and relaxing on the beach. I am very excited for my summer and hope everyone enjoys theirs as well!