Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December with the Haydenettes

December has been a very busy month for the Haydenettes. We've had many practices, a show, and two great competitions.

(Tessa and Audrey with DREAM alumni Noelle Pearson and Jenna Longo)

First, we competed at the Cape Cod Classic. We had an awesome time skating our programs. The audience was very supportive and we were pleased with our performances. It was very fun to get to see a lot of younger skaters who attended the Hayden Summer Synchro Experience. They gave us many good laughs this summer at camp, and were just as funny when we saw them at the competition. We also got to stay at a really nice hotel right on the beach. Although the sand and water were freezing, the beach was a great place for a photo shoot.

The following weekend was the Hayden Holiday Show. All the Hayden teams and some soloists performed their programs. The Haydenettes skated their short, long, and show program. This exhibition was a great way for us to practice our programs in a simulated competition setting. After the show we had a couple more practices, then everyone got to head home for the holidays.

After our holiday break, everyone met back in Lexington for one practice before we were off to London, Ontario for Synchrofest. We had a great practice and were excited to get to Canada for the competition. Upon arrival in Ontario, we drove two hours from the Toronto airport to London for our unofficial practice. We skated very well at practice and were looking forward to the next two days of competition.

(Audrey with fellow DREAMmate Katilyn Peterson)

Wednesday morning we woke up, had a great breakfast at the hotel, and headed to the arena for short official practice. We did a solid run-through and a few sections at official practice and we felt confident heading into competition that night. We went back to the hotel, ate, rested, and got ready for the short. We skated a great program and ended up in first place! We were so excited about our placement. After the competition we had a nice dinner with the Crystallettes then went back to the hotel for a good night's sleep before the long program competition.

(photo: Elina Paasonen)
On Thursday we woke up excited for Long official practice and competition. Our official was very strong then we went back to the hotel for a quick floor practice. The long was so fun to compete. The Crystallettes were cheering us on in the stands and we were very encouraged by their support. Competing our Lady Gaga program is always a joy. We focused on our expression and tried to imitate Gaga throughout our performance. We placed second overall and were very happy with the whole competition.

(photo: Elina Paasonen)

After the competition, we got to head back home for a short break. Those living in the Midwest did not have any complications. However, those wishing to return to the East Coast had a bit of a struggle. Half of the Haydenettes got stuck in Toronto overnight due to fog and flight cancellations. We got some great team bonding in at the Hockey Hall of Fame and spent some time at the mall. We made it home just in time to celebrate New Years Eve with friends and family.

We are looking forward to competing at Colonial Classic next weekend and watching the Junior World Qualifier!

Here's a link to our long program skate: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19456010

the rest of the short and long programs are also available to view through that site!

Tessa & Audrey

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