Friday, February 8, 2013

Lexettes at Spring Cup

We started off our exciting route to Italy at our home- rink dressed in a “USA” themed Spirit Practice! Between the American Flag Pants, tons of flags, and great spirit, we were all prepared to take off for The Spring Cup in Milan, Italy.

After a very long flight from Boston, taking off at 10:15 pm Wednesday night, we landed in Milan around 12:30pm Milan time! We quickly got changed and headed to the rink for an hour practice. Though we were rather tired after only a couple hours of sleep, we had a great practice with Coach Saga.

We went back to the hotel after our late night practice, and then quickly went to bed to get some sleep before our very early unofficial practice this morning. Once again we had a great and very productive practice, working on both programs as the sun rose.


After our practice and our yummy breakfast, we headed off to The Duomo with Coach Saga and our Managers (thank goodness Regina speaks Italian J) The moment we stepped off the metro we were in awe being greeted by the beautiful Duomo, as well as our Team Leader and Team Doctor! As we climbed what seemed like millions of steps to the top, we realized it was extremely worth it. The view of the city was breathtaking and we were able to take lots of pictures.

We’ll update soon! Ciao!

-The Lexettes

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