Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An experience never to be forgotten

 It is hard to put the past week into words.  From the beginning, this World Championship was unlike any other the Haydenettes and I had ever attended. Instead of multiple flights, we simply drove into the city for practice as if it were any other day of the week.  The difference was that we arrived to find countries from all over the world waiting for us.  The week was filled with multiple practices each day. To open up the competition a draw ceremony was held on Thursday night.  Each team made a short video that they felt showed their personality.  It was so much fun to see how similar and goofy all the teams were. There were also shout outs from a few of the Boston Bruins to the teams representing their home countries!  For that night we were not competitors, we were all just skaters who loved Synchro.

Former DREAMer Erica Hoffman and I.

The next night everything became real. The short program was absolutely amazing! We skated with our hearts and enjoyed support from a full arena. The only way to explain our moments spent on the ice is in one word, love!  After all was said and done we found ourselves in 2nd place.  Upon returning to the hotel the team held a small medal ceremony with just our coach Saga Krantz. It was so special to have some time to celebrate within the team. That night was a high unlike any other, but it was time to focus once again because the competition was far from over.

The last night of the competition we were 19th in the skating order, just as we had been for the short program.  Knowing it was the last night of not only competition, but our season as well, we knew we could give absolutely all that we had left. The feeling of unity on the ice was incredible. Each one of us skated not only with, but for each other. Hitting the ending position was a moment none of us will soon forget.  We knew at that moment we had done what had come to do. We skated with our hearts and put out two programs that showed who we were as a team.
This year had many ups and downs, but the downs did nothing but help to fuel our hard work. This was a very special team and I will always love all the girls who took on the World with me, in front of all of those who were there to support us in our home town! A particularly special moment was when Lynn Benson, the founding coach of the Haydenettes, gave us each our bronze metal. This team has so much history and it is amazing to be a part of that.

Receiving our bronze medals from Lynn Benson
There is no feeling like that of representing ones country on the World stage and we were so happy to share the experience with The University of Miami! Congrats on two fabulous skates! A special congratulation to all the teams who took part in the competition and goodbye for now from Boston!


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