Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet Lindsay Grajek

Hello out there!  As one of the newest Dream Team members I would like to take this chance to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay Grajek and I am currently living in-between Massachusetts and Michigan. I grew up in the small town of Howell, Michigan, where at the age of 5 I started skating for my local synchronized skating team at Grand Oaks Ice Arena.  I then went on to skate for the Hockettes out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where my younger sister Christine actually still skates.  At the end of my junior year of high school I decided to take a large leap, trying out for the Haydenettes. It was an absolute dream come true to receive the news that I had made the team, but immediately after the reality of that dream became very clear. If I wanted to be a member of the team I would have to move out to the Boston area and attend a new high school for much of my senior year. It was extremely hard for me to leave the home I had always known and my friends that had been there for me my entire life, but it was well worth it.
During the year I live and train in Massachusetts.  I go to a small school in the Western part of the state called Fitchburg State University. I am a part time student studying biology, in hopes of later going into Veterinary medicine. With the remainder of my time outside of classes and skating, I work at the recreation center at my school. It was originally planned that I would spend one year after graduation in Massachusetts and then transfer back to Michigan to be a full time student. Well, as I go into my third year at Fitchburg and my fourth season with the Haydenettes, I can say that plan didn’t exactly pan out, and thank goodness for that!
So far this summer I have driven the 12 hour haul from Massachusetts to Michigan about 3 times round trip with my teammate, Courtney Cameron, who also lives in Michigan. Recently we took the time during our drive to make a quick stop at Niagara Falls in Canada. When the team has practice during the summer I spend my mornings working as a lifeguard at my school’s recreation center and then drive over to the rink for the rest of the evening.  I also took part in my first worksop as a DREAMer this summer. The camp was hosted by the Unity figure skating club in Sugarland, Texas and it was an amazing experience. There were so many young, talented and hardworking skaters that really helped remind me what our sport is all about.
Courtney Cameron and I at Niagara Falls in Canada
Rylee and I in Sugarland, Texas
When I have time at home I can be found one of two places, at the rink or on the water.  Living in Michigan it is easy to find open ice at just about any point of the day. Many times on nice days I am the only one at the rink. There is nothing better than having an open sheet of ice and the ability to play whatever music I choose. My other love is for the water.  I live on Lake Chemung back in Howell and I love just about any activity that can be done on it; skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, or just swimming. I guess that would include skating as well in the winter! (Frozen water).

I hope that everyone has a great summer!


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