Friday, March 27, 2015

Fueling the Grind

As soon as Nationals were over I wanted to get right back to practice! Competing at Nationals, watching teams at every level, and qualifying for Worlds motivated me to take on the next step in training with the Haydenettes. 
Some of my favorite moments after competing at 
Nationals were the hugs from my teammates and my family
[Photo taken by Kaleigh Corbett]

Leaving the locker room after competing the 
short program at Nationals
This season, nutrition has never been more significant. As the training grind gets more intense, nutrition and hydration play an even more important role. Did you know that when you start to feel thirsty, your muscles are already approximately 20% less efficient? I only wish I had known sooner because now that I am drinking almost 4 Nalgene water bottles a day, I’m less sore after an intense practice or workout.

Post-practice recovery: water and a protein shake 
As a team, we have made a big push to eating healthy and fueling our bodies with the right foods: the less processed, the better. Protein, fruits, and vegetables have become our main focus!

As synchro athletes, we train in multiple disciplines, often more than once in one day. My favorite start to a day of training and school is a good breakfast. For example, on Wednesdays I’m on the ice first thing in the morning for a lesson, after which I go to class, and then head to practice where we’re on the ice for 2 ½ hours and then do a high intensity workout right after. Eating a power-packed breakfast affects my focus and mood for the whole day, so I like to have a lot of protein and some fruit.
My favorite breakfast: egg white omelet with spinach and ham, cottage cheese, and berries
Remember that everyone’s body is different and requires different fuel. Nevertheless, I encourage you during this season of tryouts and recovery to try to drink a little more water every day, or add an extra serving of fruit or vegetables to your next meal because it really makes a difference!

Good luck with school and tryouts everyone!

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