Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Pillow Pets" Pave the Way to France for Crystallettes

We kept a running countdown measuring the days, hours, minutes, and seconds before we boarded the plane for the French Cup. This Sunday, however, these long awaited plans took a sudden turn when Mother Nature threw a severe snow storm our way.

On Monday, our managers worked all day long and were able to change our flight to 6 AM the next morning in order to avoid the upcoming midwest storm. We frantically packed and slept as much as we could before our 4 AM meeting at the airport.

The next leg of our journey took place in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Our newly altered travel plans included a 10-hour layover in this airport. This time was spent venturing through the complex transit systems and relaxing in the terminal. It was a long day, of course, but it was great time for team bonding. We practiced our “flashmob” dance and got some homework done before we finally boarded the 6.5-hour flight to France.

We attribute our optimism partly to our collection of pillow pets, which provided a great way to relax within the short intervals we were given.

By the time we arrived in Paris, we were absolutely spent. But we knew that we had to revive our energy and reap the benefits of our daylong tour. We took hundreds of pictures and learned a lot about the beautiful city of Paris before we boarded the bus to Rouen. Needless to say, the group was silent for the entire two-hour trek.

Tomorrow we have a few practices and then the competition welcome ceremony. Hopefully in between we can explore Rouen. We are extremely excited to get some sleep tonight and to finally skate on the competition ice tomorrow!

Talk to you later this week! GO USA

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