Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Cup Update 2

Ciao Tutti (Hi Everyone),

Giovedì (Thursday) started off with a delicious Italian breakfast and walk to the rink for our first practice of the day. The practice went very well and we started feeling more comfortable with the ice. After practice Marlena and Ashley went to a press conference at the local library, where we met the mayor and we able to say a few words about the competition in both English and some broken Italian. The rest of the team enjoyed some time shopping and gelato. Our day ended with a team dinner at our favorite restaurant in Milan, Muccae e Farina.

Venerdì (Friday), we woke up for another day full of practice. First we headed over to the competition rink, the Palesesto. We had a good practice and were excited when Miami University entered the stands to watch a few sections. After practice we went back to the hotel for a quick lunch before we were back on road for another practice of the day. This time we enjoyed a change of scenery, as we went to a new rink in Lecco. Lecco è molto bella (Lecco is very beautiful). About an hour north of Milan, and near Lake Como, we had our final unofficial practice of the trip.

Returning to the hotel, Audrey and the rest of the team enjoyed a relaxing break before dinner and indulged in a sweet treat at the gelateria, while Ashley and the other U.S. team representatives headed off to the draw. Personally, we are very excited for our draw of fifth in the skate order, as it will allow us to cheer for the rest of the US teams. Evolution skates seventh, Hockettes skate eighth, and Miami University competes first in the senior division. We changed into our matching Spring Cup t-shirts and went down stairs for an awesome all team, Team USA dinner. It was a great way to meet new people and catch up with some old friends. The night came to a close with a Team USA photo in matching t-shirts.

Looking forward to a great short program competition! In bocca al lupo a tutti le squadre!(Good luck to all teams!)


Audrey and Ashley

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