Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Summer Time

Hello Everybody!

 This summer has been an absolute blast but it is hard to believe that it is actually almost over and school will be quickly starting up again. Since the end of last season, I have been pretty occupied with school and coaching. However, a few of us did get the opportunity to come to Worlds and watch the competition. It was nice to cheer on Team USA, attend the world team alumni party, and participate in the DREAM activities, such as the autograph table. I have now attended Worlds in the United States as an athlete in 2010 and a spectator in 2013.  I must say that attending as a competitor was an amazing and much preferred.  When the Crystallettes qualified for the 2010 World Championships in Colorado, the atmosphere was electric. It is a feeling that you honestly will cherish forever and even though I did not get to experience it as a skater this year, it was still heartwarming to see the amount of support that Team USA and the sport of synchronized skating received.

This summer has been one of the most exciting summers that I have had in years! After finishing up my spring classes, I lived at the rink coaching my students and teams as well as practicing on my own. I attended the Hoedown in Detroit in June with a few of my teammates and that was an absolute blast! The Crystallettes also had their annual skating banquet where we recognized all of the teams for their accomplishments and, if a teammate is not returning, wish each other well on the next endeavor. We may not have received the outcome that we wanted last year but nothing can break the bond we made with one another, we will always be sisters. I have also got to go on many wonderful and incredibly relaxing vacations. I have gone up north to my cottage with my family, and traveled to Orlando, Florida for 5 days. I had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and it was awesome! The rides were incredible; my favorite by far is the new Harry Potter simulator ride. I also purchased all sorts of minion accessories.   I went “minion crazy” buying slippers, a stuffed minion, coffee cup, ring tones and key chain. They were so cute; I couldn’t resist.  In August, my parents are taking me to Las Vegas in for my birthday!

However, my summer has not been all play. In the month of April, tryouts were held and this season I am skating on the Crystallettes Senior and Adult team as well as continuing to coach the Crystallettes Intermediate and Preliminary team. Practices have been going on all summer and I am very excited for the upcoming year. The girls on the team are hard workers and we mesh well together.  We are all eager for the competition season to begin! Besides the hours of practice, the senior team has made time for team bonding! As a team this summer, we have gone out to team dinners and even attended a Detroit Tiger’s game together.

I have a DREAM camp coming up this weekend in Delaware and then the coach’s college and training festival next week. I am very excited to work with the skaters attending the camp and eager to learn from the coaches attending. I find the coaches college very beneficial as a coach and skater. I attended the coach’s college a couple years ago and learned a lot. With the rules continually changing, I am very thankful to go as a “DREAMer” to learn about the clarifications to the rules for this season. Meeting all of the skaters is always an adventure because they all come from different places with various backgrounds and it is intriguing to hear their stories. I am looking forward to all of the activities that the upcoming DREAM camp and Synchro festival have in store for me and I will cherish every moment.

Katilyn :) 

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