Monday, August 5, 2013

Summertime Fine

Hi Everyone!

I cannot believe it is already August. It seems like this summer has just flown by, but I can honestly say I am extremely excited to head back to school and begin my second year at Miami University (what?!). Along with that, I am even more eager to get back into training with my teammates in just a few short weeks!

Avalon Bay
This summer I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with my family, which is something I am very thankful for. At the beginning of the summer my entire family and I took a vacation to Santa Catalina Island; a small island located off the coast of Southern California. We rented a condo in the small city of Avalon, where everyone uses golf carts for transportation and you can swim with fish in the ocean one day and go up to the mountains to see wild bison the next. It seems as though my family is always running around in different directions most days; so it was great to have this short break where we could all relax and spend some quality time together.
My sister and I on the Catalina Express

Though time on the beach is nice; a great deal of my summer has been spent, as always, in an ice rink. I went back to my previous job working at my local rink; which is also where I carry out most of my summer training as well. This year our rink hosted the ISI World Team Championships (which invited over 2,000 skaters into our rink!) and is currently holding the Glacier Falls Summer Classic; a competition held each summer for skaters from Surfer (no tests) through Senior Men and Ladies. It was great to see so many different types of skaters in all of these events; each of them expressing their love for the sport in their own way. I also got to spend some time with Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club Junior Board; a group that I was involved with for several years and was previously the president of. It was really awesome to see the girls running their booth at the competition and continuing to stay involved with their club throughout the years.

From Left: Sharon, Holly, Lauren, Sarah, Ashleigh, and myself
Another great thing about being a DREAMer in the summertime is being able to participate in the US Figure Skating Synchronized Skating DREAM Camps and Training Festival. This year I was invited to the Midwest DREAM Camp in Vernon Hills, IL. I was able work with a great group of young skaters, alongside my fellow DREAMmates Ashleigh Ostin and Sharon Neff, as well as DREAM alumni Lauren Bracken and Sarah Arnold. Leading the camp were Team USA coaches Jill Cipresso, Lisa Darken, Holly Malewski, and Heather Paige.

Zumba class at Training Festival
Two weeks after the Midwest DREAM camp, all ten DREAM team members and coaches from all over the country gathered in Prior Lake, MN for the National Coaches College and Synchronized Skating Training Festival. This was my second time attending the Training Festival as a DREAM team member, and it was great to meet all of the new DREAMers when we arrived and so much fun to bond with them over the weekend. Training Festival is a great experience because it gives us the chance to work one-on-one with young athletes, as well as assist some of the greatest coaches in the country, all while sharing our love for the sport that brings us all together. I really enjoy being able to interact with younger skaters; seeing their love and enthusiasm for the sport and I hope that working with the DREAM team athletes only inspires them for their skating in years to come. The DREAM Camps and Training Festival were definitely a success this year and I hope that everyone who participated in them had as much fun as I did!

Training Festival 2013
Following the Training Festival, I was able to spend a few days in Minneapolis with one of my close friends who lives in the city. We spent most of our free time strolling around Uptown Minneapolis; which is a fantastic area filled with lots of cool little shops and many interesting people. On my last day there, I was unfortunately unable to get a ride from my friend to the airport. So because of it's close proximity to the Minneapolis–Saint Paul Airport; I spent a few hours on my own at the Mall of America and then took a short taxi ride to my terminal. Needless to say my wallet did not stand a chance… J
DREAM Team 2013
Anyways, I hope everyone’s summer is going well and you are all getting excited for the 2013-2014 competitive season!

Love & Honor,


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