Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tribute to Sylvia Muccio

This time last week, I had just finished a great day with some very spirited young synchronized skaters, working as a counselor at the Miami Synchronized Skating Camp, when I received the news that Sylvia Muccio had passed away. Initially, I was completely devastated to hear that my very first synchro coach had lost her battle with breast cancer. Once my initial shock had been overcome, I was reminded of how much she had given me throughout my synchronized skating career.
Team Image Juvenile 2001-2002

The synchronized skating world lost a truly dedicated and passionate coach last week. Sylvia Muccio gave her heart and soul to the skating community and touched the lives of countless people within it.

I wish that I could have thanked Sylvia for all that she did for me in my first two seasons of competitive synchronized skating. She pushed me to be the best skater that I could be and saw my potential from the very start. Placing me on her juvenile team at 8 years old, when most people (including myself) didn't think I was ready to move up, was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me. Without the challenges she presented me with, I know that I would not be where I am today. Because of the foundation she gave me, I was able to help my team win a Junior National Championship, compete in two Junior World Challenge Cups, fulfill my dream of competing for Miami University, and compete in my first Senior World Championship this year with her in the stands cheering on the USA.

Team Image Juvenile "Angels"
Although I didn't realize it then, Sylvia gave me more, both on and off the ice, than I could ever truly thank her for. Despite the practices in freezing cold rinks, with screaming frustration that we weren’t doing it just right, I know that it was all out of her extreme love for the sport and her efforts to make us the best skaters and people that we could be. I hope that someday, I too am able to so greatly impact the lives of young skaters and help them make their dreams come true, the way that Sylvia did for me!

I find it only fitting that the 2001-2002 juvenile program that I skated for Sylvia was "Angel" themed. Now, the world of Synchronized Skating has another wonderful angel watching over it!

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