Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cross-Training Outside of Skating and Spring Cup

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work” - Vincent Lombardi,

As synchronized skaters, we dedicate countless hours skating on the ice and working off the ice as a team every week. The focus of these practices is usually functioning together as one unit to ultimately build and work towards that one common goal for the season. Outside of practicing with the team, it is always encouraged to be practicing individual skating skills that will benefit not only you but the team as well. While there are many other ways to improve your own skating skills such as working on in moves in the field, ice dancing, pairs, and freestyle elements, it is also important to incorporate cross training into your training program. 

This season, the Haydenettes have incorporated an off-ice conditioning program to our weekly practices with Kat Arbor at Ice Dynamics. Through Kat’s off-ice programs that features basic weight lifting and total body exercises, we have increased our strength, power, balance, flexibility, and cardio demands that match our on-ice needs as synchronized skaters.
There are many other ways you can incorporate cross training into your practice besides lifting weights and doing team works outs. I personally have found practicing yoga has helped with my flexibility, core strength, mental calmness, and total body relaxation. To support my cardio endurance and extra quad strength, I participate in indoor spinning classes at least once a week; or I will go for a run outdoors when the weather permits. All of these extracurricular activities outside of skating practice have added fun and variety into my daily life, in addition to providing a beneficial workout that targets my whole body. Changing up your training is also a great way to bond with your teammates outside of what you are used to doing at the skating rink.
DREAMmates Ashley, Devin, & Sharon with teammate Samm took Erin's SoulCycle class in the city. 

The Haydenettes were led through a private yoga class at lululemon athletica in the Burlington Mall. 
Listen to your body and know your limits. Do not try and push yourself into trying something you are not physically ready to do. I have taken my practice of yoga and incorporated a short vinyasa flow sequence into my warmup and stretching routine before I compete because I know that is what works for me. The benefits of cross training are endless when done properly and they will ensure a healthier, happier, and well-rounded skater out of you.  

The Haydenettes and Synchroettes just returned from Milan, Italy where we both competed at Spring Cup, the last international competition for Team USA leading up to Junior and Senior Worlds. It was a very quick trip for the Haydenettes, leaving snowy Boston on Friday and returning Monday evening. With all of the cross training we have participated in this season, we felt strong and ready to compete for the third weekend in a row. We skated two clean programs that produced our highest scores so far this season and are incredibly honored to have placed third in the Senior Division amongst Nexxice of Canada and Team Surprise of Sweden. Congratulations to the Synchroettes, who also skated two clean programs and placed sixth in the Junior Division. 
The Haydenettes & Synchroettes take a Team USA photo before dinner at Spring Cup 2015 

Best of luck to all of the teams that will be competing at the 2015 Synchronized Skating Championships in Providence, Rhode Island next weekend!

Devin Wang

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