Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sisters in Synchro

Skating with a sibling on your team or on another team within your organization can be tricky but also rewarding. 

In the very beginning, all three of my sisters skated. It started with my older sister. Then I followed in her footsteps, and my two younger sisters followed in mine. In the end, only my younger sister Eliza and I stuck with it, and when I joined the Synchroettes, so did she. Because of our three year age difference we have never skated on a team together, but having a sibling in the organization, despite its occasional ups and downs, has been a very special experience.
Just some of the many Synchroettes sisters posing for a picture during Kickoff in August.

You could say that Eliza (or Liza as I always call her) and I have been each other’s sidekicks from the very beginning. We practice together, we workout together, and when things get tough or one of us gets frustrated, we have each other to give our encouragement and support. But this doesn’t mean that skating with a sister is always easy. Because we spend so much time together, it is not unusual that we sometimes get into arguments. But over the years we’ve learned how to “leave our baggage at the rink door.” When we step into the rink we clear our heads so we can have a productive practice session. And almost all of the time, after skating for a couple of hours with clear minds, we realize on the ride home that what we were fighting about was either unimportant or could be easily solved. 

These occasional arguments have made our relationship stronger, and it all becomes worth it when we can share exciting moments with each other. 

Eliza and I at the awards ceremony at the Eastern Section Championships.
Though Eliza is my biological sister, the 19 other girls on my team have also become like family to me. The things I have learned from my relationship with Eliza have applied to relationships within my team in ways I could never have imagined. The bond my team and I have has made us closer than ever before, allowing us to work past any differences we might have and work together towards our common goal of skating our very best this season.


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