Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catching Up With the Starlights!

Hey Everyone! I know it has been a while since i last blogged, but I am now finding the time to FINALLY catch you all up on what us Starlights have been doing.

After the holiday season, we hit it hard with practices leading up to the Foot of the Lake Competition in my hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. It was great to be able to compete in front of all my friends and family that have supported me over the years. After a long day of practice ice and critiques, it was amazing to have my mother and father host a team dinner at my house. Everyone, even our coaches Heather Paige and Jenna King, loved being able to taste some of my dads home cooked pasta and bread sticks. The next day was all about the competition for both programs. Our short program score wasn't what we had hoped for, but we had to keep on moving to make sure we were ready for long. Going from short to long in one day really made it difficult to concentrate on one event, but we made it work with placing first over all at the Foot of the Lake Competition.

Coming off the rough skates at Fondy, we all knew it was our time to start the rest of the season off right. We got extremely "motivated" and pushed ourselves to the limit when it came to practices leading up to Midwesterns in Michigan. Going into the competition we felt so ready to put both of our programs out there and show everyone what we had to offer. While warming up for the short program, we all became focused and tuned into what our coaches were saying. They gave us great advice to "just skate the program and do your job." Coming off the ice after skating that short program was one the the most amazing feelings I have ever had. We all united as a team that night and skated our hearts out to our new version of Madonna's Like a Prayer. The next day was all about our long program. We were all getting ready and goofing around making sure we were all prepared for the night. With some laughs in the the warm up area, it was time to get down to business. We got our skates on and went out there to perform our favorite program. It wasn't perfect, but it was an accomplishing weekend for both of our programs. Placing second over all, we had a very successful weekend as a Senior team.

The next stop for Starlights Senior is Milan, Italy! We are extremely excited to be leaving exactly one week! We wish all the teams competing over seas Good Luck and see you all at Nationals!


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