Friday, February 10, 2012

Neuchatel Trophy- Haydenettes Part 1

Haydenettes arrived in Switzerland on Wednesday morning. We landed in Zurich and took a two-hour bus ride to Neuchatel. We checked into the hotel and headed to the official rink for a practice. We had a great practice then ate dinner at the hotel restaurant with Lexettes. Everyone was exhausted from traveling and skating, so we were anxious to go to bed.

On Thursday morning we woke up for another unofficial practice. The rink was freezing, but we skated well. After that we went into the town and did some shopping. There was a tourism center that had information about the competition with pictures hanging up from the Junior World Challenge Cup last year.

This morning we had short official practice. It was eventful, to say the least. Halfway through our first run-through the music started to skip. It was difficult, but we decided to push through the skate. It ended up being a pretty good run-through! We watched each other and stuck to counts. After we got the music working, we finished practice and headed back to the hotel. Now we are resting up before short program. We will update later!
After shopping we had another great dinner at the Hotel with the Lexettes then got ready for bed.


Tessa and Audrey

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