Friday, February 17, 2012

Haydenettes in Switzerland Part 2

Short Program was an event to see. We took the ice confident and ready to perform. We had one fall, and a music deduction, but overall we were pleased with our skate. We finished in second place. After the competition, we went back to the hotel and did video review with Saga. We reflected on which elements had gone well and which we could be improved. Finally, we applied the changes in these elements to the long program and switched our brains to Lady Gaga.

Long official practice was the following morning. After slightly disappointing scores in the short program, we were determined to improve our marks in long. We focused on making our steps clean and truly expressing the essence of Lady Gaga. Practice went very well, and we were content moving into the long program that evening.

Representing your country is a true honor. We took the ice Saturday night ready to represent Team USA in the most dignified manner. Our long program skate felt very strong. We came together as a team and put all of our energy into giving off our best performance. We left the ice proud and excited. We ended up in second place, behind the Crystallettes, fellow team USA members.

Team USA also took the top two places in Junior. We are so proud of the Lexettes and Chicago Jazz. It was a great competition for Team USA. Seeing our flag raised four times and hearing the national anthem twice was very memorable.

After the competition, we headed to the competitors party for some great food. We watched video later that night, and prepared to head back to Boston the next day.

Nationals is only a week and a half away. We got great feedback in Switzerland and are ready to get back to work. Can’t wait to see you all in Worcester!

Tessa and Audrey

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