Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Synchronized Skating Championships Recap

What an amazing day it was at the US Synchonized Skating Championships today! With the Masters and Adult division up first, I had a ton of fun cheering with my old teammates on the Starlights, as well as marveling at how much the Adult division has grown. I was so impressed by the speed and precision of the top teams, and it was incredible to watch. Then came the collegiate division, another division that is just getting more and more competitive every year! I especially love watching these two divisions, a pleasure I didn’t always have when I was competing, and because of how much FUN the programs always are.

It was really great to see all of the familiar faces that I have missed being absent from the skating world this past year. I got to spend yesterday cheering with my fellow dreammate, Annaleigh, and then was able to spend today cheering with my fellow Starlights alum, Samantha. Here’s a picture of us, standing on the OTHER side of the ice this year J

Finally, it was time for the Senior Free Skate, always the highlight of the competition! It was really cool to see how widespread the music choices were for this year: from Charlie Chaplin to Trans Siberian Orchestra to Lady Gaga! This diversity really showed how coaches and choreographers are really stepping outside of the box and out of their own comfort zones to create unique programs that will catch our eye. Overall, it was a wonderful competition. Congratulations to the 2012 US World Team Members, Haydenettes and Crystalettes!

I have to admit, it is strange attending the Synchro Championships as a spectator, rather than a skater. Making the decision to attend Dartmouth College, where there is not a synchronized skating team, was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. While I’m loving my time at college, watching everyone skate here in Worcester, seeing the excitement and passion of all the skaters, has reminded me how much I love to skate. Although I may not be competing at Dartmouth, I know that skating is going to remain a large part of my life for years to come. That’s the beauty of this sport: it’s a family, a community, of wonderful people with one common passion: skating!

Love, Bianca

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