Friday, March 2, 2012

Nationals 2012 - Day 2

Today was a long and eventful day at the DCU Center! Novice Championship, Senior Short Program, and Junior Freeskate were all super fun and exciting to watch. Many of the teams were hundredths of a point away from each other which made it all the more thrilling to watch! Fellow DREAM-mate Bianca and I were reminiscing about our old synchro days while we watched the teams skate. We kept hearing songs that we've skated to and dresses that reminded us of old dresses. (Of course, synchro has come a long way from our Preliminary and Teen-Intro teams!)
My lovely west coast DREAM-ers, Emmy and Linnea, were able to meet up with one another after Senior Short and, of course, take a picture :]

Hope you all had as wonderful a day as me and I can't wait for tomorrow's grand finale!


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