Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cup of Berlin: Part 1

Hallo von Berlin!! 

California Gold spent our second day in Berlin practicing and touring and are very excited to compete our short program tomorrow. Hockettes junior are here with us, which is particularly exciting for me as I skated with the Hockettes for ten years before I came to Cal Gold. I love seeing my old coaches and former teammates and our teams have been getting along beautifully. 

CalGold and Hockettes meet up in the hotel

CalGold Captains Brittany and Emmy on a Berlin street corner 

We got a chance to see some of historical Berlin today, including the Brandenburg gates. We also spent time purchasing fine German chocolate and learning about life in East Berlin behind the iron curtain. 

California Gold in front of one of Berlin's beautiful cathedrals

California Gold's pregnant coaches in front of the Brandenburg Gate

Looking forward to the next few days. Go Team USA! 

Mit Lieber, 

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