Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cup of Berlin - Part 2

Greetings once again from the Cup of Berlin, 

The competition has now ended and the teams are all preparing to head home. California Gold had a very successful week in Germany and grew in leaps and bounds as a team. We finished in 8th place, moving up one placement from our short program, and the Hockettes junior team took 6th overall! 

CalGold and Hockette skaters proudly represent the US of A at opening ceremonies.
Neither of our skates this weekend were perfectly clean, but as our team leader Jeanette Davey pointed out, there will be very few times in your life when you will have that perfect skate. At competition, most teams make some kind of error, and she said that what matters to her, is how a team reacts and recovers. After the fall in our long program, the team rose to the occasion,  not allowing the mistake to shake us. A renewed sense of calm came over us as we decided silently and unanimously to finish stronger than we had started. 

CalGold waits for our scores after the long program 

This lesson about recovery not only helped us to move up a spot in placement at Cup of Berlin, it also helped to prepare my team for the next few weeks of training before U.S Synchronized Skating Championships. The team is ready to head back to Los Angeles to hone the technical calls that alluded us this weekend and improve our components. However, we are not heading back before we take a little more time to see Berlin! We can't stop ourselves from practicing, even as we travel the city!

CalGold does our lifts in front of the German Reichstag (parliament building) 

You'll be hearing from me again soon! 


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