Friday, January 25, 2013

Hallå från Sverige!

Hello from Sweden! 

The Crystallettes have finally made it to Gothenburg, Sweden! After nine hours of traveling, we were thrilled to claim our luggage and fully focus on what we came to do. However, when we were getting our bags from the baggage claim, we noticed that one of our skaters was missing her suitcase with her skates inside of them. The missing skates were left in Detroit and caused quite a panic because of the upcoming practices scheduled for the next few days. Thankfully, one of the skaters on the Synchroettes was generous enough to lend our skater her skates. Before we took the ice, we had the opportunity to meet our team leader, Colette. She came with us to our first practice and gave us some great feedback about both of our programs. It was nice to finally get our legs moving and our feet back on the ice. Although we only missed one of our usual practices, it felt like we hadn’t been on the ice for a week.  After a great practice, we enjoyed a nice team dinner with our coaches and manager. Shortly after, bedtime arrived and we got our clothes ready for tomorrow’s practice and hit the sack.

With alarms ringing at eight in the morning, we knew today was even more important than yesterday. As exhausted as we were, we knew that we had to stay focused and keep our heads in the game. In today’s two-hour practice, it was imperative that we showed two solid run-throughs. With Colette by our coaches’ sides, they continued to support us and provided beneficial information to help us achieve our goal. We were happy to know that we had another solid practice under our belt. Following our practice, we took a team walk to the Hard Rock Cafe. Eating a full meal after a long day of hard work hit the spot.  Once we finished dinner, it was time to shop! We visited many clothing stores, tourist venues, and chocolate shops. It was a very fun-filled day.

To finish the day off right, we had a very productive off ice session. While we were having off ice, two of our team members went over to participate in the draw. USA was the first country to pick their place in the lineup and we had the honor of picking first. Funny as it may seem, we drew number one!  

Best wishes to all of the teams competing at the Leon Lurje Trophy & thank you again to the Synchroettes for the skates and the personalized gifts. We love them! :) 

Katilyn & Sharon 

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