Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Introducing Sennett Cooke

Hi everyone! My name is Sennett Cooke and I am a member of the Skyliners junior team. I am currently a senior at Pelham Memorial High School in Pelham, New York. I will be starting college next fall, and I’m thinking about majoring in Athletic Training, a topic where I hope to stay involved with synchronized skating, and athletes in general.

I began skating at the age of five, when a family friend took me skating at a rink near my house. As soon as I got on, I fell in love, and made her bring me back countless times, until finally for Christmas that year, Santa brought me my first pair of skates and lessons at my current home rink.

About a year later, my mom found out my home club was starting a synchro team, something no one in my family had ever heard of, but in an attempt to get me into a team dynamic, my mom signed me up. The team was called the Skyliners and I have had the pleasure of skating for this amazing organization for my eleven years of being a synchronized skater. I have always enjoyed skating in general, but there is something about having the support of fifteen other extremely dedicated athletes behind you, any time you step on the ice, that really separates my love of synchronized skating from my enjoyment of other figure skating disciplines.

My favorite Team USA memory was definitely competing in Prague, Czech Republic at the Prague Cup. This was my very first time competing as a Team USA athlete, an achievement I had worked toward for many years. Prague is by the far the most beautiful country I have visited, (even in the middle of winter), and was an amazing place to travel to. We had one of our best skates that season in Prague, but the best part of the competition was stepping onto the ice and hearing the announcer say, “representing the United States of America” for the first time. There is no feeling that can compare to the pride one feels representing their team, their sport and their country.

When I’m not on the ice, which is very rare, I am usually spending time with family and friends, or catching up on homework. I enjoy baking and photography a lot, so anytime the opportunity arises I usually take advantage. I love the excuse of a birthday or major event to bake some cupcakes or a cake for my teammates! I have had the opportunity to participate in several community service projects, and greatly enjoy giving back to my community. I also have a job at my home rink! I do various jobs around the rink and once a week I teach group classes as well. I love working with my students. They are so much fun, and it always gives me a sense of pride that I could have some impact on a young athlete looking to begin this sport I enjoy so much.

Good Luck to everyone this season!



Favorite sports team: New York Yankees

Favorite city: New York City

Favorite books: The Harry Potter series

Favorite TV show: Glee

Favorite vacation spot: Cape Cod, MA

Favorite place I’ve traveled for skating: Prague, Czech Republic

Favorite program I’ve ever skated: Skyliners Junior 2010-2011 free skate (Phantom of the Opera): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdgQ1x5dbkQ

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