Friday, January 31, 2014

Bonjour de Rouen!

Hello from Rouen!  

It has been a great week here in France so far for the Haydenettes as we represent the Team USA at the 20th French Cup along with the Crystallettes, Chicago Jazz, and the Lexettes.  

French Cup poster in the streets of Rouen. (Photo credit: Devin Wang)
We arrived in Paris on Wednesday morning followed by a bus ride to Rouen and an hour practice at the official rink.  It was nice to get on the ice right away, even though we were a little tired from our journey.  On Thursday, we had another unofficial practice, and then had a chance to explore the streets of Rouen.  Needless to say, we didn't mind the shopping, great food, and gorgeous architecture (especially the cathedrals), that this city has to offer!  We concluded the day taking part in the athlete parade.  It was a blast walking in the parade while mingling with our fellow US teams and cheering the whole time.  It was also really neat to see how much the people of Rouen support the event. 

DREAM Program members and Haydenettes: Lindsay and I showing our USA spirit before the Athlete Parade.
Cheering on the Lexettes!
Today we woke up ready to perform our bellydancing short program!  

We had a great official practice and then got a chance to cheer on the Lexettes as they competed their short as well.

We are very proud of our short program skate, and are currently sitting in 5th place, only .3 points out of 4th.  We are excited to compete our Count of Monte Cristo long program tomorrow and wish all teams the best of luck!

-Ashley Tomich

Haydenettes short program official practice at 2014 French Cup (Photo credit: David Brofsky)

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