Thursday, January 23, 2014

Salzburg nothing less than an adventure!

Hallo again from Austria!

Our first "real" day in Salzburg began like any normal day. My roommate Vanessa and I woke up, did our hair and makeup, had some coffee in the room and were pumped and ready to head to our unofficial practice. However there was a slight problem… it was 1am. 

Miami dreamers after practice
We just hadn’t realized that yet. It was about an hour after we had been up and about that we knocked on our teammates’ door to get something and were alerted it was the middle of the night. We insisted that that they needed to hurry up and get ready or they’d be late for breakfast. Unfortunately we were in for a surprise. At least we weren’t the only ones who made this mistake… our dance teacher Lana actually showed up for breakfast at 1:30am.

After laughing for about 20 mins, we briefly returned to bed for another 5 hours before we woke up and went to breakfast (hey, at least our hair and makeup was already done!).  We had a strong unofficial practice at the competition arena and enjoyed cheering from our fan club… Miami parents are the best fans!
Miami Senior in Salzburg

After practice, we were able to tour Salzburg for the day. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the alps and castles visible up in the mountains, the city does not disappoint. One of my favorite things to do in new cities, especially in Europe, is find unique coffee houses and compare the coffee. In between caffe lattes, we were also able do a little shopping and see some sites from the Sound of Music.

Dreammates Ashleigh and Emmy
One of the best parts of my day was running into one of my best friends, Emmy from California Gold in the middle of Salzburg. Even in a big city, you can’t miss that red hair ;) We stopped for a quick chat and snapshot before we had to run back to meet our teams.

Tomorrow is the short program. We are looking forward to showing the world what Miami and the USA is made of! Good luck to everyone competing!

Auf wiedersehen!


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