Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grüße aus Austria!

Grüße aus Austria! (Greetings from Miami Senior in Austria!) 
USA Spirit Practice

After 19 hours of travel from leaving school in Ohio Tuesday morning to arriving at the hotel here in Salzburg today, we are more than excited to have finally reached our destination! Before leaving for the trip, we concluded our winter term training with a USA themed spirit practice to pump us up for the competition and headed to the airport feeling energized. Right when we arrived in Austria, it was straight back to the ice where we had an unofficial practice at a rink outside of the city. Although we were all a bit tired from the flight, our practice was solid and we are definitely feeling ready and confident for the event!
In my opinion, the main highlight of the day was the bus drive back to Salzburg where we had the pleasure of driving through the Alps. One of my favorite things about going abroad is getting the chance to see things I have not seen before. The views of the mountains were stunning and I could not put my camera down! For the remainder of the day we all got the chance to explore Salzburg for a little while. Some of my teammates and I struggled with the language barrier because we do not know very much German, but hopefully we will learn some more new words before we have to head back home. Tomorrow we get to go sight seeing and the Mozart Cup Competition officially begins on friday, so stay tuned! It is sure to be a great week for Team USA here in Salzburg! 

Love and Honor,


View of the Alps from the bus

Mozart Cup Poster
Practice (Thanks to our athletic trainer Steph for the photo!)

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