Saturday, January 18, 2014

God Morgon! (Swedish for Good Morning!)

Hello everyone!

I am writing you from my hotel room in Goteborg, Sweden!  After a long flight to Paris, a quick layover and a plane to Goteborg, Miami University Junior has safely arrived in Sweden!  We are all incredibly excited to be here and represent Team USA!! On our first day here, as many other teams do, we tried our very hardest to keep our eyes open! After many hours of traveling we were all exhausted, but rallied and were excited and ready to start our first practice! Before we headed to the rink we got to walk around the area near our hotel and get ourselves some lunch.  My group and I found an adorable little Italian place right around the corner from our hotel over looking the water.  It was very cute and all of the staff was so nice and intrigued with why we all looked the same.  We chatted with some of the waitresses who were very nice, ate our lunch and then headed back to our hotel to get ready for practice. It was a short but very, very good practice.  It was a great opportunity to get our feet under us after the trip and get used to this new ice.  After our practice we had our first Swedish meal!  I loved it.  We got to try some fish that was caught locally and it was all pretty awesome.  By the time we had finished our dinner we were all practically falling asleep at the table. After a short team meeting we got to head up to our beds for a good nights sleep.
The next day was the most fun of all.  After waking up early and getting in another great practice, our team was allowed four hours to explore Goteborg.  Our whole team took the ferry ride together from our hotel into the heart of Goteborg and the shopping district.  The Ferry ride was very cold but so beautiful.  Luckily there was an indoor section! Although everything was in Swedish and we almost missed our stop, we had some help and got off at the right place just in time to meet up with our parents!  Everyone split off into small groups and headed around the town.  Goteborg is an absolutely beautiful city.  Our group started off getting some souvenirs at a tourist shop.  Everyone got gifts and t-shirts and some of us got some pretty cool looking jerseys! 

From there we stopped at a bakery and coffee shop where we got some delicious croissants and amazing macaroons! The food was delicious!! I personally had never tried macaroons before but I loved them!  After our little snack we walked around the streets for a while until we found a very cool meat and cheese market.  We got some free samples, which were delicious!  After a little more walking around, we stopped was a very cute chocolate shop.  We all bought some candies to bring home; my favorite was the salted caramel chocolate.  It was so good! 
After awhile it was almost time to head back to the ferry to meet the rest of our team, but not before we got a picture of all of us and one of our dads doing spirals in front of the train station! All in all it was a great day and were looking forward to the draw tonight!

Good luck to all teams!


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