Monday, November 15, 2010

Introducing Bianca Jackson

Hi there! My name is Bianca Jackson, and I am a member of the Starlights senior team. I am in my senior year at New Trier High School. As I work through my college applications, I am hoping to enter college next fall as an engineering major and eventually go on to medical school.

I started skating for the Starlights eight years ago on their preliminary team. That year, we had a perfect season, winning each competition with our Blues Brothers program. I was hooked! I've skated on two U.S. Championship-winning teams since, including juvenile in 2006 and novice in 2007, but I think the highlight of my skating career so far was capturing the pewter medal with my teammates in our first year at the senior level last year. When we saw our results on the JumboTron from the kiss and cry, we all jumped and screamed as loudly as we was so exciting! Looking back and watching it now, it's actually pretty funny, but it is also something I'll never forget.

This will be my fourth year as a member of Team USA: two years at the novice level, and one at the senior level. My favorite memory is our long program this past season at the French Cup in Rouen, France. When I hit that beginning pose, it finally dawned on me that here we were, representing the United States! It sent a shiver down my spine, but the moment the music started, all that disappeared, and we went on to skate a clean run-through. Showing everyone that we could compete against these top teams that went on to the World Championships was such an amazing experience, and I can't wait to do it again this coming year!

When I'm not on the ice, I keep extremely busy! Aside from synchronized skating, of course, I have two other major passions: crew and karate. I started rowing for my high school this past spring and rowed on the varsity lightweight boat for the season. We won the Midwest Championships and went on to compete at the National Championships--a first for our team in the division! I also am nationally ranked in karate. I've won national championships in multiple divisions, including kata (forms), kobudo (weapons) and team kata. In addition to these two other sports, I love to run, go to the movies and practice new tricks on the trampoline with my friends!

And now for some favorites!

Top 5 most played songs on my iPod right now: "Power" by Kanye West, "Your Man" by Down with Webster, "We R Who We R" by Ke$ha, "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk and "Alright With Me" by Kris Allen
Favorite cities: London and Boston
Favorite movie: Mean Girls
Favorite book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Favorite TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, House, Gossip Girl and Nikita
Favorite magazines: Lucky and SKATING
Favorite vacation spot: Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Favorite food: FROZEN YOGURT!!!! Especially from Red Mango :-)

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